Foundation Yoga a great beginning or welcome back after being away from practice, we will go over key foundation poses, their alignment in detail.
An introduction to awareness of breath and body will be brought into practice and will gain a basic understanding of how to move your body in a way that gives you stability and solid foundation to support your ongoing journey into yoga.

Slow Flow Yoga as you move slowly and mindfully through a series of poses you are able to refine and strengthen your practice without feeling rushed. Slow flow brings the element of time into the practice, helpful for building your yoga muscles and simple enough for all levels for yogis to follow without getting lost.

Vinyasa in the literal translation is “connection” this is interpreted as a connection between movement and breath, creating poses in a flowing sequence. Each movement is synchronized to breath, acting as an anchor as you move from one pose to another. Each Vinyasa class will be unique as there is no single “guidebook” or sequence that a teacher must follow, allowing creative sequencing, fun and vibrant flow and a challenge to each class.

Sessions go for 75 minutes and Bookings are essential!


Instructed by a qualified yoga instructor $20.00$15.00
X10 Classes$175.00$150.00
X20 Classes$300.00$250.00
X30 Classes$400.00$350.00

New Client Special 

3 Classes for $30.00 OR

5 Classes for $50.00

*These classes can also be used for Pilates classes

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