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Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates can help you achieve a body that is stronger and more flexible with an increased postural awareness. It’s based upon the exercise philosophy of German fitness trainer Joseph Pilates, but has been adapted by physiotherapists. Essentially, Clinical Pilates teaches the deep spinal muscles to work more effectively so the trunk is more stable.

Clinical Pilates is beneficial for everyone, even those free of aches and pains. In particular, it can help people who suffer from back or neck pain; poor posture; headaches; are overweight; employed in sedentary or manual work; sportspeople or athletes (injured or not); pre and post-natal women; teens with poor posture or growth spurts; the elderly, as well as performers such as dancers, actors, singers and musicians.

Clinical Pilates is available in one-on-one sessions or group sessions (up to four participants per physiotherapist). Or in a General Pilates class of up to 5 participants.

Whilst all our classes are reformer based, pilates instructors can teach exercises that are performed on floor mats and using swiss/ exercise balls to develop core stability through the trunk and shoulder regions which can become part of a home exercise program. Introductory stabilisation exercises are taught in basic static positions, progressing into gentle movements with little resistance. Swiss/exercise balls and resistance tubing are used to progress toward dynamic, resistance-based exercises to further challenge stability.

Before commencing Clinical Pilates at Energize, we request that all our clients come in for an Initial Assessment with one of our Physiotherapists so that we can get an understanding of their specific needs. We offer Physiotherapist Supervised Sessions, General Pilates Sessions and the option for clients to conduct their program Independently.


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