FEEL THE BURN: Hip Abduction

FEEL THE BURN: Hip Abduction

What is this exercise?

Great exercise for working your Gluteus Medius ( GMed/side glute)

This technique allows for a more stable movement with a greater focus on the GMed.

Commonly this exercise is done with the person lying on their side and lifting their leg up. This often causes unwanted muscle activation in the side of the leg. You can often achieve a better activation by sliding your leg up against a wall while lying on your side

Lie on your side with your body and leg pushed back against the wall. Lift your leg and slide your heel up and down on the wall with your foot pointing slightly downwards and maintaining pressure against the wall with your heel.

  • Keep back against the wall
  • Turn foot with foot pointing down to ground
  • Lift leg as high as possible

Repetition goal: 20+ reps

Common errors

I feel burn on the outside of my leg > keep leg and knee completely straight and foot pointing down towards the ground.

What muscle groups does this exercise use?

Primary Activation/BURN

  • Gluteus medius
  • Gluteus minimus

Secondary Activation

  • Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL)


  • Gluteus Medius strength
  • Gluteus Minimis strength
  • Pelvic control